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A Brief Look Into Fisticuffs Mustache Wax

The fisticuffs mustache wax got a medium firm hold and enduring component, ideal for medium coarse and fine facial hair. The name of this wax got an extremely manly feel to it, however that is not all. It has an exceptionally perfect hold, ideal for styling and holding that manly facial hair and in the meantime molding your mustache.


Be that as it may, the fisticuffs mustache wax has a somewhat oil feeling to it. This is ideal for the individuals who lean toward not to wear a mustache wax that is excessively sticky and solid.


Application and evacuation of the mustache wax

Contrasted with other mustache waxes accessible in the market, this is one’s less demanding to apply. There is no requirement for any warmth that would take a bit on the nail. Only a few rubs between the thumb and forefinger and it’s prepared!

Simply utilize cleanser to expel the wax. It will get out the facial hair totally. Abstain from utilizing ordinary cleanser since it will take a long time to expel it.



This mustache wax is semi thick and is made out of beeswax, crude petroleum jam, coconut oil, jojoba oil and tea tree oil. The wellspring of the beeswax are from the nearby honey bee ranches.


How well this mustache wax functions completely relies on upon the coarseness of the hair. Some may ask why that it couldn’t hold like it is guaranteed. Different elements that influence the hold are the styling systems and the measure of dampness and warmth where you are applying the wax. A few clients say that the item doesn’t give a decent hold under sticky conditions.


In any case, what most men like about this mustache wax is that it has an awesome scent, got a medium hold, simple to bear and has a simple get to tin holder.

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